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Performance Group

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Our mission is to run hardworking groups for boatyards who want to be challenged. We want boatyards who are in tune with their business and who want to improve profit. Our composite is the best in the industry. Our moderators ask the penetrating questions that no one else wants to ask. The boatyards are the experts, we get them to open up and share their knowledge. What can you expect from a Performance Group?

  • Moderators who understand the purpose of the group and that boatyards are there to make money…everything else is secondary.
  • Over 60% of the Performance Group’s agenda is devoted to composite review and “Hot Seat” sessions.
  • Boatyards setting goals and objectives at each session and being accountable at the next meeting.
  • Comprehensive quarterly financial analysis of your figures compared with other group members.
  • Two full working day sessions in major cities for easy access.
  • In-depth special studies on various topics.
  • Written recaps after each meeting.

For over 30 years, Performance Incorporated has maintained a reputation for operating successful Performance Groups. We presently moderate more than 100 Performance Groups in Canada and the United States.

Join the more than 1000 clients who have improved expense control and have increased profits as a result of our service.

Fellow boatyards can be a most valuable source of information for your business. To be able to discuss business with your peers in a structured setting in an efficient way to improve your operation.

Performance Incorporated has changed the way traditional 20 Groups are being run. We refer to our groups, as Performance Groups, not 20 Groups. We want boatyards who perform and are committed to improving their operations. Performance conducts two-day business meetings that are just that … all business.


Contact Lee Berryman, Performance, Inc. 1-386-235-5038