ABBRA – American Boat Builders & Repairers Association


Group Insurance

We always look for the best, most trustworthy deals for our members and insurance is high on our list. The insurance costs of running your business have almost certainly increased; but we find that the value of the ABBRAGARD insurance program for our members has only grown.

Administered by Starkweather and Shepley, a longtime knowledgeable friend of the marine industry, ABBRAGARD offers comprehensive ocean marine and property liability coverage, with AAA-rated Great American.

ABBRAGARD is custom-tailored to your needs, with independent facility surveys and loss control services as well as premium credits for attending ABBRA training programs. The offering is ideal for small to mid-sized members as well as our larger members as it offers the coverage, cost, and savings typically only available to larger businesses.

For more information, contact: Jay Frechette at  [email protected] of Starkweather & Shepley Insurance (800) 854 4625 or visit the Marine Insurance division HERE .