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Kellie Crete


Kellie Crete joined Gowrie Group in 2012, in 2019 Gowrie became part of Risk Strategies.  Kellie is a member of the national Safety & Loss Prevention Team.

Kellie started her career in the environmental, health and safety industry in 1990.  She is an industry leader in safety and loss prevention and has worked with companies and organizations across all segments, including marine, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, utility, construction, and non-profits.  Kellie focuses on helping her clients decrease their liabilities and exposures to fines, lawsuits, negative press, accidents, and employee complaints.  Through employee education, ongoing training, and smart useful written programs, Kellie helps her clients build environmentally friendly facilities, healthy workplaces, and safe work environments.

Kellie is an OSHA authorized instructor. She concentrates on the liabilities that face the marine industry.  She strives to get facilities to lower their liabilities, their exposures to fines, fires, lawsuits, bad press, astronomical workers compensation rates and employee complaints.  She believes that employee education and management “buy in and actions” are essential to having a successful Environmental, Health & Safety Program.  She has seen the results of great programs and the disasters that substandard one’s cause.

A combination of training, written programs and recordkeeping are good building blocks.   By following the guidelines you should have environmentally friendly facilities, healthier workplaces and employees that are not getting hurt…..oh…and a good nights sleep.



Posted in News on February 7, 2022.