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Why Should You Join ABBRA?
Professionalize Your Staff (and yourself)

The key to remaining successful in the boatyard and marine service industry is to stay competitive. Knowledgeable management, well-trained, up-to-date craftsman/technicians, and owners who learn from other owners are all part of the business equation that ABBRA solves for you. Make an investment in your business and develop your human resources strategically. ABBRA knows the requirements of your business and understands the need to grow the skills and abilities of key employees through industry standard technical trainings and management programs.

Join a National Network (and talk to your peers one on one)
ABBRA’s membership niche is boatyard/service facilities. We are the hub of this network and provide our members with timely information. Our members believe that one of the best things we do for them is to bring other marine professionals together to address the same concerns and problems we all face on a daily basis through conferences, annual meetings, seminars and workshops.

Promote and Protect Your Interests (and get the guidance you need)
ABBRA is a strategic partner with virtually every organization in recreational boating. Our prime mission is to watch out for your particular interests on a myriad of legislative, regulatory and business issues that can affect your company. We communicate clearly, comprehensively and frequently to our members offering advice and guidance on how to steer your business in a very competitive marketplace.

Solve Common Business Problems (and use our collective power as a lever)
The insurance costs in your business have probably increased and our members tell us the value of our ABBRAGARD insurance program has only grown. Administered by Starkweather & Shepley, ABBRAGARD offers “soup to nuts” ocean marina and liability coverage with AAA rated Great American Insurance.

Membership Levels-

  1. ACTIVE BOATYARD AND MARINE SERVICE – (Determined by # of employees 1-10-$290, 11-20-$390, 21+, $525)
  2. PROFESSIONAL: Surveyors, academics, and other technical professionals whose income is principally marina related.- $230
  3. ASSOCIATE: Firms providing services, materials and equipment to the boatyard and marine service industry, who do not otherwise qualify for active membership.-$530
  4. INTERNATIONAL: Builders, repairers, designers, surveyors, academics et. al. whose primary place of business is outside N. America.-$345
  5. STUDENT: Must be enrolled in accredited education or training institute. Proof of enrollment may be requested.-$75

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