The board of directors of the American Boat Builders and Repairers Association (ABBRA) endorses Marine Liens Ltd., owner of the global maritime-lien database. ABBRA members will now receive a special discount when they use the Marine Liens services, which allow boatyards and repairers who supply goods and services to check for past liens before starting work, and post new claims of liens on boats that have not paid their bill.

Marine Liens, Ltd offers an online system ( wherein marine contractors who supply goods and services to post a claim of lien on the boat in the event the customer does not pay for work already done. It allows users the ability to collect monies that are due for completed work without the expense of a collection agent, attorney or the courts. It also provides users with the ability to do an instant lien search or “credit check” on the boat before work is started. The lien search will reflect if the boat has prior liens posted against it, and if there is enough equity left in the boat to get paid. The agreement between ABBRA and Marine Liens, Ltd allows ABBRA members free use of the site to post claims of liens and a discounted fee for searching the database for vessels with liens against them.¬†Each new ABBRA member will be given one free search.