Member News: The Boat Village Launches Regional Collaborative in Southeast Florida

The Boat Village Provides Communication Services for its Professional Customers, Building its First Regional Collaborative to Promote Online Service Coordination to Simplify Boat Ownership

Hobe Sound, Fla. – April 10, 2014 – The Boat Village, the marine industry’s leading mobile boat management and service coordination platform, now offers its marine business customers major marketing and outreach services to gain new customers and increase loyalty among existing clients – all at no additional cost.

The Boat Village Professional Edition customers are already ahead of competitors, using leading-edge technology for online service coordination, to help simplify boat ownership and increase customer satisfaction.

Now, the expert team at My-Villages, which created The Boat Village and owns the popular DockMaster marine management software, is helping customers spread the word about their new digital capabilities. The result is a regional collaborative, a group of businesses working together to tout the benefits of transacting business online in their communities.

“Coordinating service online is the future, and My-Villages is a front-runner in this,” said Paul Engle, president of Bradford Marine. “They are leading these efforts in our industry, providing the technology, drawing companies together that are early adopters and then highlighting their efforts. That’s extremely helpful.”

Powerful Marketing, Without the Costs

When marine businesses adopt The Boat Village Professional Edition, substantial resources are devoted to educating their customers about the benefits of online service coordination and how it works. My-Villages then highlights these businesses as leaders of the digital revolution taking place in the marine industry, and members of a regional collaborative dedicated to simplifying boat ownership.

For every marine business using The Boat Village, My-Villages creates and manages a complete integrated and co-branded communication campaign across multiple channels. My-Villages regularly sends out a multi-part, direct-marketing campaign targeting local boaters. Materials are customized by region and highlight the service yards, dealers and marinas using The Boat Village for online service coordination and boat management.

My-Villages also advertises in print and digital publications, both regionally and nationally, often including partner companies that are using The Boat Village to make boat ownership more convenient.

“We have done this before in other industries, and we learned that technology is only part of the equation,” said Kevin Hutchinson, founder and CEO of My-Villages. “Educating our customers’ customers is critical to their success, and the free services we offer to our Professional Edition users is as important as the technology itself.”

Modern Tools for Modern Businesses

The Boat Village has a deep commitment to driving the industry toward online service coordination, much the way other industries have done. Its marketing efforts are an investment in a regional collaborative of companies that share that commitment.

“The Boat Village Professional Edition allows marine businesses to offer the same digital conveniences as a bank or a retailer,” Hutchinson said. “That kind of service gets people talking and attracts customers – and that is what grows our professional users’ customer base and revenue.”

The Boat Village Professional Edition is an online service coordination and boat management tool that gives marinas, service yards, dealers and brokerages the ability to proactively track each client’s vessel, receive automatic reminders when service is due and notify clients within The Boat Village application. The result is improved customer engagement and more business related to preventive maintenance, which increases both customer loyalty and revenues.

The Boat Village Professional Edition also allows service professionals to easily create a boat profile for each client, giving them instant access to relevant information about onboard equipment and supplying automatic reminders when service is due. This can be a significant time saver when communicating with clients and planning repair and maintenance work. The Boat Village automatically appends equipment manuals and creates a personalized maintenance plan, based on published manufacturer recommendations, which can then be enhanced by the service provider.

Marine businesses using The Boat Village Professional Edition are also able to offer their clients exclusive discounts on the Premium Edition, a monthly subscription service that provides an all-in-one boat management tool with additional online service coordination, record keeping, and communication features.

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