Member News: Piervantage Signs Up Dixon’s Marine Group 2000 Inc.

Nova Scotia based boat builder, Dixon’s Marine Group 2000 signed with PierVantage for Boat Builders to help them keep up with the pace of their expanding boat building and service business. Dixon’s boats are well known in the fishing community for their reliability, durability and efficiency.

Dixon’s Marine Group 2000 joins other highly respected boat builders such as GUNBOAT, Lyman Morse, US Watercraft, Schooner Creek Boat Works, Derecktor Shipyard, and Philbrook’s Boatyard, in their choice to use PierVantage to help overcome key business challenges like accurately tracking the true costs associated with each boat build and managing just-in-time inventory purchases.

“We are extremely fortunate to be building and servicing boats for our customers at a rate we have not seen in the last 15 years,” said Janine Dixon, General Manager of Dixon’s Marine Group 2000, Inc. “We had a strong desire to upgrade to ONE solution that was built specifically for our business and PierVantage offered that to us. The functionality is intuitive, the PierVantage Team knows the boat building business, and the implementation process was extremely well organized. With PierVantage, I have a lot more confidence to bring our business to the next level,” said Dixon.

Up to this point, Boat Builders have relied on a handful of non-integrated, non-marine specific software products such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks, and others. PierVantage for Boat Builders is a fresh new option for owners, project managers, purchasing managers, and controllers to turn to for a comprehensive integrated business management solution.

“We are very happy to be working with the team at Dixon’s Marine Group 2000 Inc.,” said Greg Miller, Director of Operations at CorVant. It is great to see more and more boat builders adopting PierVantage to help manage their operations and financials,” Boat building is a tough business with fluctuating demand and rising material costs resulting in tight profit margins. Having the right tools at one’s disposal is critical to the success of any business and even more so for complex boat manufacturing operations. Dixon’s Marine Group is an outstanding boat builder that has been building quality fishing boats for over 30 years. You can check out a Dixon’s 48’ called ‘HOT TUNA’ in the new TV Series Wicked Tuna,” said Miller.

PierVantageTM is the leading cloud based business management solution designed specifically for the marine industry. Boat builders use PierVantage to improve the efficiency of their custom, semi-production or production boat building operations by leveraging its all-in-one integrated solution that systematically organizes and tracks every stage of your build process. The build template gives project managers the tools they need to organize labor and material for the jobs required for each new build. Sophisticated procurement capabilities allow you to acquire materials just in time, significantly minimizing inventory carrying costs. Detailed operational and financial analytics provide visibility into every stage of the build process, allowing you to maximize profitability.

PierVantage for Boat Builders gives you the features and functionality you need to do what you do best – build quality boats.

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CorVant, LLC,, is working with small service businesses and suppliers to develop comprehensive business management solutions that lower costs and improve customer service and satisfaction. The company’s team of information technology experts developed PierVantage™, the first and only integrated boatyard management solution available as a SaaS offering, and FulVantage™, a cutting edge web-based e-business solution for wholesalers and distributors.

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