Member News: Compass Marine in the Cayman Islands and Maverick Yachts Costa Rica select PierVantage

Costa Rica based designer and boat builder, Maverick Yachts Cost Rica and Compass Marine, one of the premier boat yards in the Cayman Islands, have selected PierVantage to help them manage their businesses.

Maverick Yachts and Compass Marine join other highly respected boat builders and boatyards such as GUNBOAT, US Watercraft, Schooner Creek Boatworks, Dixon Marine Group, Derecktor Shipyards, Zimmerman Marine, Manitowoc Marina, Front Street Shipyard, and Philbrooks’s Boat Yard in their choice to use PierVantage to help overcome key business challenges like accurately tracking true costs associated with each boat build, repair project, and managing their just-in-time inventory purchasing process.

“We purchased PierVantage to give us better insight into the true costs of building our boats but what I am really impressed with is the implementation process that PierVantage goes through,” said Larry Drivon, owner of Maverick Yachts Cost Rica.  Mike Farrington, owner of Compass Marine said, “As our business enjoyed steady growth, we knew we would eventually need to upgrade our technology to more of a marine specific business management solution and the PierVantage team demonstrated they were the right partner. Managing simultaneous service and repair projects, boat storage, our chandlery business, rigging, hauling and launching is too much for a standard accounting package to handle. PierVantage gives me the visibility I need to effectively make decisions about each division or revenue stream. Easy access to information is very important to me. With PierVantage for Boat Yards, I felt I could streamline processes in all aspects of my business by getting more work done in less time with less people.”

“We are very excited to be working with Larry and the team at Maverick Yachts Costa Rica,” said Navroze Eduljee, founder and CEO of CorVant, creators of PierVantage. “As passionate as we are about building software platforms that solve business challenges, they are equally passionate about building some of the finest yachts in the world ~ it is a partnership we look forward to having for years to come. Our team plans to join the Maverick Yachts crew as they unveil their newest cold-molded mahogany Sport Fishing Yacht later this month at the Palm Beach Boat Show,” said Eduljee.

“Mike and the Compass Marine team are a great addition to our growing customer base,” said Eduljee. “Mike is very decisive and knows what he wants and needs to grow his business. He met our team at IBEX in Tampa, Fl. last year for the first time, saw a few product demonstrations and by the time he arrived back home on the Island, he had signed with us,” commented Eduljee.

PierVantage is the leading cloud based business management solution designed specifically for the marine industry. Boat Yards use PierVantage to simplify job estimation, work management and invoicing, reduce their inventory carrying costs and increase the efficiency and profitability of their operation. Cloud based means the solution is easy to implement, offers tremendous reliability and security compared to on-premise systems and future upgrades are FREE and require no effort on your part. The solution is backed by a highly responsive and knowledgeable support team. Embrace change by upgrading to PierVantage and enjoy the freedom and convenience of accessing your business anywhere, anytime.

PierVantage for Boatyards gives you the features and functionality you need to do what you do best – make boats work.

For more information on how PierVantage can help your business, please visit us at or call 877.267.7172.

PierVantageTM is the leading cloud based business management solution designed specifically for the marine industry. Boat builders use PierVantage to improve the efficiency of their custom, semi-production or production boat building operations by leveraging its all-in-one integrated solution that systematically organizes and tracks every stage of your build process. The build template gives project managers the tools they need to organize labor and material for the jobs required for each new build. Sophisticated procurement capabilities allow you to acquire materials just in time, significantly minimizing inventory carrying costs. Detailed operational and financial analytics provide visibility into every stage of the build process, allowing you to maximize profitability.

PierVantage for Boat Builders gives you the features and functionality you need to do what you do best – build quality boats.

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