Director of Congressional Budget Office Talks About U.S. Economic Performance

The following blog post from the Director of the Congressional Budget Office Blog came to our attention and we thought you would find it illuminating. Members of ABBRA. like most businesses across the U.S., continue to closely monitor the economy and business levels for signs of long term stability. As non-partisan economic analysts, the CBO often offers interesting and insightful perspectives on the economy and economic policies.

U.S. Economic Performance posted by Doug Elmendorf on March 21, 2013

The most visible and costly economic problem in this country today is the large number of people who cannot find jobs. According to our analysis, the primary cause of that problem is a shortfall in the demand for goods and services relative to the productive capacity of the economy, and the primary reason why demand is weak is the long shadow of the housing bubble and financial crisis. Let me explain briefly. (Continue Reading)

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