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2024 American Boat Builders and Repairers Association Awards Categories

Annually, it is your chance to recognize our peers and colleagues for their outstanding service to the industry.

Categories include:

Boatyard  of  the  Year

ABBRA’s Boatyard of the Year award is given to the boatyard facility that demonstrates excellence in all facets of their company through commitment to customer service, quality workmanship, best business practices, industry standards, professionalism, workforce development, and positive vendor  relations.

Boat  Builder  of  the  Year

ABBRA recognizes the boat building facility that through its  commitment to innovation, sound engineering, quality workmanship, teamwork, and professional project management, has built a vessel that has been successfully launched and recognized as a significant contribution to the recreational yachting industry. Whose process and product have made a lasting contribution to the recreational marine industry.

History of Winners

President’s Award

2016Michael Keyworth
2018John Adey
2019John Gambino
2020Richard Downs-Honey


Boat Builder of the Year

2016Hodgdon Yachts ( 200 year anniversary)
2017Gold Coast Yachts
2018Ranger Tug
2019Huckins Yachts
2020Aaron Crawford/Sabre Yachts


Boatyard of the Year

2016Hodgdon Yachts
2017Kittery Point Yacht Yard
2018Hinckley Yacht Services Portsmouth RI
2019Camachee Yacht Yard
2020KKMI Richmond PT. California-Paul Kaplan
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