ABBRA – American Boat Builders & Repairers Association

Boatyard Business Survey 2020

As we come to the end of 2020, you are likely planning the year ahead with the information available to you. Let us help you develop your 2021 strategic business plan. ABBRA is excited to announce the roll-out of our Boatyard Business Survey. Our goal is to provide the most reliable data possible about boat building and repair businesses.

The Boatyard Business Survey will focus on the metrics connected to the management processes,
operations, and the workforce of boat building, refit, and repair businesses. Boatyards are labor-intensive and inventory intensive businesses. Being able to measure the realized profit on both labor and materials is sometimes cumbersome but extremely important. We believe that the results obtained from the survey will provide boatyard business operators with data to make better strategic decisions and to be able to streamline the customer journey, from first contacts through the final invoice for work performed. The Results will allow business owners to decide what operational processes they want to measure and adjust to ensure their business is sustainable and competitive. The survey will also provide useful information for hiring and retaining help.

Results will be generated from the data provided. Our goal is to provide an in-depth look at the trends in your regions and across America. ABBRA’s Boatyard Business Survey will be a powerful tool if the Boatyards responding take the time to thoughtfully complete the survey. This will ensure we have reliable data to develop industry benchmarks. We want to emphasize, the integrity of the survey is determined by the accuracy of the data collected. The timing for the distribution of survey results will depend on how long it takes to gather enough data to make the survey results a reliable business tool.

To provide the most accurate answers you may need to draw on the expertise of your human resources and finance departments to complete the survey. We encourage you to ask other boatyards you know to go to to complete the survey. The Boat Yard Business Survey asks for some proprietary information about your business so it is important for you to know that ABBRA will guarantee that your business identification will remain anonymous.

We are dedicated to protecting the data source. Your boatyard name and address will not be connected to the data collected. It will only be used to prove you are a viable boatyard and to enable us to sort information by region. After that, your answers will go into a data bank that is not connected to the name of your business.

Pointers for filling out the survey:

  • If you are unable to take the survey in one sitting you able to jump in and out of the survey after you have completed the first section, and as long as you use the same computer.
  • Your Responses are saved and submitted when you click the “NEXT” or “DONE” button on each page of the survey.
  • The same link will take you back to where you left off and you can go back and edit.