ABBRA’s 2022 Annual Conference

Warren, RI (February 14, 2022) – The American Boatbuilders & Repairers Association is pleased to announce the successful completion of its face-to-face Annual Conference in over three years. Attended by some of the country’s leading boat and service yards, the Annual Conference was held in Daytona Beach, Florida at the Ocean Center Convention Center. “On behalf of the entire executive team, I want to thank those who participated in this long overdue event,” said Chad Morse, ABBRA’s current president. “It was great to be able to bring together old and new friends for networking and learning,” he continued.

The 2022 Annual Conference was preceded by a reception where the boatyard of the year award was presented. Conference panels included Personal Stories and Experiences of Selling Your Company and Modern Boatyard Operational Challenges, followed by a marina and boatyard tour in the Daytona area. Day two of the event provided free access to the Association of Marina industries Conference and Expo, which was held concurrently and featured over 130 booths and over thirty speakers.

The Conference was sponsored by Great American Insurance Group, and Starkweather & Shepley Marine Risk Solutions.

About American Boat Builders & Repairers Association (ABBRA)

Founded in 1943, ABBRA is a national marine trade organization that represents, is dedicated to, and seeks to strengthen and encourage professionalism in the boat building, marine service, and boat repair industry.